ADT July Promotion for Visa Cardholders

Visa cardholders receive 3 Door Contacts, 2 Motion Sensors, 1 Glassbreak Sensor, 7 Inch Touchscreen keypad with cellular monitoring and smartphone control $40 per month Net $0 upfront. Monitored by ADT Canada on a 36 month agreement

ADT Security May Promotion

Sign up with in ADT Security in May and receive 3 months free monitoring and no charge upgrade to 2 way voice communication. Telus and Koodo customers save $10 per month in monitoring

COVID-19 Business Update

COVID-19 Update – Please note that we are deemed an essential service and are still OPEN and continue to provide in-home security installations, we are also offering pre-programmed security systems that can be shipped directly to your home for easy installation by the homeowner with installer phone support available. Thank you

ADT Telus February 2020 Home Automation

Free Equipment Package

7 Inch Touch Screen Control Center – with built-in Glassbreak Sensor and Photo Camera

3 Door Contacts

1 Motion Sensor (covers up to 1200 sq ft)

1 Monitored Smoke Detector

1 HD Video Doorbell Camera

1 Smart Control Lockset (lock and unlock your door from your smartphone)

1 Smart Bulb – automated light control

Telus or Koodo Customers pay $30 per month and $99 Installation on a 36 month monitoring agreement with ADT Security by Telus

ADT January Promotion –

ADT Security Free 7 inch Touch Screen, Video Door Bell Camera, 3 Contacts, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Smoke Detector, Cellular Communication, Smartphone Control $35 per month for monitoring on a 36 month agreement. Telus Mobility Customers Receive $10 off monthly monitoring – $25 per month

Benefits of Medical Alert from Apex Direct – ADT Security


5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Medical Alert System for Your Aging Parents

As your parents continue to age, your concerns tend to increase. You cannot be with them 24/7 and most aging adults enjoy their independence. However, it is always a good idea to have a safety net during times they are alone. A medical alert system is a great option for seniors. Following, are 5 reasons why you should get a medical alert system for your aging parents. You will also find different success stories involving medical alerts.

5 Reasons for Device

  1. Popularity of Falls: One of the most common injuries among older adults (age 65 and over) are falls. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries. One in every three adults falls every year. “In 2013, 2.5 million nonfatal falls among older adults were treated in emergency departments and more than 734,000 of these patients were hospitalized.” There are several outcomes that can come from these falls. Falls can lead to broken and fractured bones, lacerations and brain injuries. This is why receiving medical attention immediately is so important. With a medical alert system, your loved one can receive help in a timely manner.
  2. Peace of Mind: Worrying about your aging parents is very stressful. By having a medical alert system, you can focus on other things knowing your loved ones are monitored 24/7. It also gives the older adults confidence. Many seniors have a fear of falling or being stuck in situations. They can live their day as they please with the comfort of knowing they are safe if anything happens.
  3. Medical Records: Some emergencies affect the ability to communicate. This is extremely important with older adults. Many aging parents have medical problems, such as, diabetic, risk of strokes or allergies. The medical alert monitoring station will have this on file and relay it to the first responders.
  4. Comfort and Ease of Use: Over time, medical alert systems have changed to more comforting designs. Devices are easily worn on the wrist or neck. They are waterproof and have a battery backup. There is no need for your parents to memorize numbers or find their phone. All it takes is a push of a button to get the care you need. New ones can even work with cellular towers and go anywhere that there is cell service.
  5. Notifications: When a device is activated emergency personnel are dispatched immediately. This includes, fire personnel, ambulance and police. In addition, the important people in the family are notified of the situation. With new GPS features the family and emergency personnel can even see where the loved one is.

How Do I Set the Date and Time on an ADT Alarm System?

Did your power shut off and cause the date and time on your ADT alarm system to reset? No worries, let’s run through how you can quickly set the right date and time on an ADT alarm system and get things working!

Setting the Date & Time on An ADT Alarm System: A Quick How-to

The process of setting up the date and time on your ADT alarm system will depend on your panel model -although the process will be roughly similar regardless of your hardware.

Even more good news, I’ve grabbed 5 of the most popular panel models to show you just how easy it is. Also, at the end of this blog, I’ll link you to a database of user manuals that we have. So if I didn’t cover your exact model, you can check it out there!

DSC Impassa

To set up the date and time on the Impassa ADT System, simply follow these directions:

  1. Type in [*]
  2. Then enter [6]
  3. Next enter your Master Code

You’re all ready to set the date and time!

Let’s look at a couple more.

Lynx System

To set the date and time on a Lynx model, simply:

  1. Enter your Master Code
  2. Enter the [#] sign
  3. Enter the numbers [63]

After you’ve entered the following, you’ll be prompted to set up the date and time, just like the above system!

Safewatch Quick Connect

To set the date and time on the Safewatch Quick Connect:

  1. Enter your Master Code
  2. Select the function
  3. Enter [63]

You’ll then be able to set up the date and time. See how easy that was?

Simon XT

To set up the date and time on a Simon XT panel, just:

  1. Scroll on the display until you see Set Date
  2. You’ll then be prompted to enter your master code
  3. Press OK

From there, you’re ready to set the date and time!

DSC Powerseries

To get the date and time set up:

  1. Press [*]
  2. Press [6]
  3. Enter your Master Code

Boom, you’re ready to set up the date and time on your DSC Powerseries.

As you can tell, the process for setting up on each of these panels is very similar.

Prevent Your Panel From Being Shut Off

Now that you know how to set the date and time on an ADT alarm system, one of the BIGGEST reasons we get asked this question so much is due to people experiencing unexpected power outages, causing their panel to power off.

One of the best ways to prevent your panel from powering off when your electricity inevitably goes off due to a storm or something is to invest in a backup battery.

Provided by Apex Direct your local ADT Dealer

ADT announces integrated Thermostat Control

Comfort and convenience…  Control your home temperature with this Z-wave enabled programmable ADT thermostat. It replaces your existing thermostat and comes in a battery-powered version or a model that can be wired to power. You must have ADT Pulse Level III monitoring service to add thermostat control.

ADT Pulse Thermostat Benefits

  • Conveniently program a schedule for your thermostat from web portal
  • Experience more comfort by having temperature perfect when you awake
  • Remotely check the status of your thermostat… remotely change settings
  • When you arrive home have the temperature adjust to your liking automatically
  • Save energy by having temperature adjust when you arm your security system to away mode… do not spend money when no one is home to enjoy it.

ADT Pulse Thermostat Features

  • Graphical LCD with white backlight
  • Heating and Cooling Setpoint display
  • System Mode (Off, Auto, Heat, Cool)
  • Fan Mode display and control (Auto, On)
  • On-screen setup of HVAC Type, Fan Type, Changeover
    type for HP systems, F/C mode and sensor calibration
  • 4 x 7 day programmable schedule, multiple schedules
  • Fan Cycler feature